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depsFinder: null

dumber supports optional additional tracer for customised deps finding.

You can supply a function to find trace additional dependencies. Users are very unlikely to provide a customised deps finder.

depsFinder: function(filePath, fileContents) {
  return ['array', 'of', 'additional', 'deps'];
  // Or return a promise to resolve to an array of strings.

The filePath is local file path, like src/foo/bar.js or node_modules/foo/bar.js.

The returned/resolved result array is strings of relative dependencies, like ["./foo.css", "a-npm-package", "a-npm-package/inner/file"].


dumber uses aurelia-deps-finder to support Aurelia conventions. Note this is only required for classic Aurelia app, not the upcoming Aurelia 2.

const dumber = require('gulp-dumber');
const auDepsFinder = require('aurelia-deps-finder');
const dr = dumber({
  depsFinder: auDepsFinder,
  // ...